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About me

I work at Tel Aviv University in Israel as a postdoctoral researcher since September 2022. I completed my PhD in June 2019 at the Institut Fourier, Université Grenoble Alpes, France.  

I work in the area of smooth dynamical systems, using techniques from ergodic theory and homogeneous dynamics. Lately, I have been particularly interested in the behavior of the horocycle flow in the moduli space of abelian differentials and related dynamical systems, such as the horospherical foliation in invariant subvarieties of the moduli spaces. I am also interested various applications  in counting problems on abelian differentials. During my PhD, I studied the behavior of the isoperiodic foliation and applications to the classification of invariant subvarieties.


A criterion for density of the isoperiodic leaves in rank one invariant orbifolds.

Journal of Topology, 2022. 

Isoperiodic dynamics in rank one invariant orbifolds.

International Mathematical Research Notices, 2021.

Nonarithmetic affine invariant orbifolds in H(2,2) and H(3,1).

Geometriae Dedicata (to appear), 2023.

Horocycle dynamics in rank one invariant subvarieties I: weak measure classification and equidistribution.

with J. Chaika and B. Weiss. Preprint, 2023.

Horospherical dynamics in invariant subvarieties.

with P. Smillie, J. Smillie, B. Weiss. Preprint, 2023.

Rigidity of linear random walks on the torus after Benoist & Quint. 

Expository paper, 2022.

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